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What Are Users Saying?

TradingTheTape thrives on User interaction and feedback. If not for User input our order flow methodology, software, documentation, training and support would not be what they are today – literally.

“Even the best method is useless if it cannot be taught in sufficient detail to benefit all users of the method”

” It has been an incredible experience trading with TTT. I have to say that in the whole industry is difficult to find honesty, and you Scott, are the most honest person which I have had the opportunity to learn from in this industry. Thank you for this incredible opportunity that could change my life (trading is a profession for me). It’s not easy, it requires a lot of hard work” – Samuel Y, Mexico

Trading by risking one or two ticks is just great. Scaling is even better, I have joined the group one year ago and I am planing to stay with it. The method is simple and straight forward with no catch. Success comes with practice and repetition, fast learners will get it fast, slow learners will get it too if they are willing to learn and properly execute what they learn. In two words, great stuff. Thank you Scott. ” – Imad F, Denver

This is amazing training. Unbelievable to have access to the trainer every morning in chat, twice a week for live webinar training, and 1-1 troubleshooting time. The fastest progress I have ever made in any training bar none.” – Nadine E, California

I see that you have picked up on a lot of the algorithmic trading techniques of the banks and have given it your own flavor. I like the simplicity but high value of the vol ladder and the pressure points (I know I am not using your correct terminology). We referred to them as the vol base and tip sort of like a pyramid with the tip being the super sensitive antenna that is always testing wind for direction. This is very enjoyable and I find myself flashing back now and then.

You are also dead right about trading the inside bid-ask. We [also] stopped doing that years ago.

I find the presentation of your theory and methodology fascinating since so much of it appears to come from the Institutional Trading World. Remember that ex-traders like me let the bots do a lot of the entry point analysis, trade management and exit points (but this cost $50m to develop). However a few of us were given the ability to manually override certain aspects of the trade management and exit strategies. So now I have to brush up on all three steps so I thoroughly understand your methodology.

Another crucial point that any trader must master is Risk Management since we had a motto, “You live or die by your risk management”. If we ever risked more than 3% of the capital in one account on one trade we would have been instantly fired. Maybe traders do not understand that risk is defined by the Stops and not by the margin, and it warms my heart to see that you define risk correctly.

And I really like your RR [risk reward ratio] of 1:1, 1:2 and 1:3. The only thing I don’t have a feel for is your Win Loss % but I certainly understand why you don’t advertise that since it is very individual to each trader. I would guess that you are probably trading at about 60-70%.” – Robert F, Des Moines, WA

This methodology is just amazing. Once I understood what I was looking for, making a trading decision almost seems second nature. I’m actually surprised now when I’m wrong and have to scratch or take a small loss, which isn’t very often.” – Matthew B., Colorado

“I like where everything seems to be heading. This method is becoming laser focused and razor sharp. I’ve seen many mutations of the code in my time here and in my opinion it keeps getting more user friendly. I see a bright future ahead for myself and anyone else who is serious about learning this method. See you Sat. for training!” – Mark C., North Dakota

“Thanks again Scott. Real value for the money spent. That’s rare in today’s world… appreciate it !!!!” – Greg C., Oklahoma

TTT has come a long way in just a year and it is getting as close to perfect as one could get.” – Mike B, Florida

Scott–quick note to say thanks for the great training session on Sat. After being in some other guys’ rooms and seeing their “commitment” to equiping their “students”, the 90+ minuets on Saturday had more content than the hours of instruction I’ve received from guys who used be on major networks as talking heads. Same with your chat room. Tho, I don’t pray, I am rethinking that position, because I want you to remain healthy and active until I can suck all this info from your psyche ;). Hate to say it, but you really don’t charge enough. Did I say that out loud? Disregard last statement.” – Gregory T, Washington

Yesterday’s training was brilliant. Your discussion and dissection of the setup on the ES 1/14/14 was nothing short of inspiring. It was a great learning and integration tool and I for one would vote for adding that type in depth setup dialogue and trade strategy discussion as a weekly feature in one of the training sessions. Thank you so much for the insight that you shared with all of us.” – Dr. Paul H., Oregon

 “Thanks. Your course is amazing for me. I am profitable on sim every day for last 2 weeks. Now will go on live and try to trade for a living” – Daniel C., Ukraine

Scott, 3+ hours of quality trading and discussion on Christmas Eve Day, in an ice storm, thwarted by Internet outage. I know you love this stuff…and…in my view, you definitely over-delivered. Thanks much and Merry Christmas to you!” – Kirk V., Washington

“Thanks for adding the Saturday training session! I work full time days so I cannot attend the day sessions.” – Casey D., Indiana

“Holy shit batman, this is soooo nice. Since the morning [training] session, I’m 4/6 winners, and would be more profitable going for two or more ticks but keeping at S1 just to build confidence with this. I think I’ve found the only thing I really wanna trade. Can keep the size a little smaller and increase frequency to hit same goals, and still be done in an hour or less. Good job spotting this Scott!” – Wayne S., Colorado

“Great session today! For me, I have to admit I fell into category of buying tons of indicators (services/newsletters), chasing the ES/CL and TF, being under capitalized and saying the classic “If I can take this one lot on the CL for 80/90 cents then that is all I need”. The real eye opener for me (just after being here for a few days) is that I was in the wrong markets and using completely the wrong technique and quite frankly, not knowing what the hell I was doing because I had indicators that didn’t tell you what was really going on. This is much, much easier. I’m glad I found your site and signed up.” – Michael J., Maryland

“I have been trading order flow off the DOM for years and it was relatively difficult. I was so glad when I found TradingTheTape. Your method of analyzing order flow with the software is finally the answer! Thanks!!” – Mike B., Florida

Thanks for another great [training] session and for taking the time to answer all my questions.” – Geoff B., Virginia

I really loved your description about WHY something is happening, this is something that very few people are doing. Most people will say if you see a dot and close above line then go long. And you say if you see a dot and you see volume decreasing then this means that those guys are doing that, there is profit or stop taking and THIS is why the market moves. This is essential Scott.” – Bart G., Poland

Having traded most everything that has lived with about every technical indicator known to mankind plus two “black box” systems, you have done a brilliant job creating a visual DOM. If you have been trading for some time you know that the simple systems are the best and honestly, I can not and will not trade without TradingTheTape software. Reading order flow within a structured context is about as close to the “Holy Grail” as I know, unless you are the market maker or work for Goldman Sacks, and TradingTheTape software does this and more. The money managing features alone are worth the price. And, as good as the software is, your training is second to none. I know of no other developer who will incorporate customer feedback into their software as quickly as you do. Plus the time you are willing to spend in helping users become more consistent traders is truly unique in this business.” – Bob D., Minnesota

After more than one year and so many indicators, throwing away so many days and hours ‘daytrading’ eight to ten hours every day of the week, becoming crazy to wait for the perfect trade that never comes, my brother told me about your site and I’ decided to take one last chance and believe your words. It was so illuminating watching your videos, listening to your webinars. It took me about two weeks to start trading by myself. I was in need to meet someone like you who could open my eyes and watch the market for what it is, without silly indicators, realizing the only indicator you need is your brain and at least two weeks of studying to be able to start reading the tape, understanding what and when to trade. I want to also thank you because English is not my mother tongue,  feeling always comfortable that you are there to listen to and help me out anyway.

You’re a genius, this is all so amazing. You’re a very special person, very rare in the crazy world of trading“- Claudio P., Italy

“I want to tell you a big thanks for everything. It is absolutely outstanding, and I make in every replay I trade at least 80% winners R1 S1.” – Simon E., Paris [after less than 2 weeks training]

“WOW!!! You really give personal attention to your members!!!! Thanks for checking on whether I was going to attend this morning’s chat session. Have a great day Scott!”

“I’ve paid a lot of money over the years for software, indicators, books, personal mentoring, and dvd’s – This is turning out to be the best investment I’ve made. Thanks for all the great info!” – Mike M., Arizona

“In summary, after a somewhat sporadic start…. I am getting GREAT value out of your training Scott; and am very appreciative to you for it and your ultra responsiveness to our needs ! ! !

I’ve had only three real mentors during my years of market study prior to meeting you (…); but your synthesis of trading ability, market principles (i.e. Significance of a Tom Baldwin), order flow interpretation, software development and teaching abilities are really without peer in my estimation.” –  Dr. Paul H, Oregon

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